Level 2

Allergen Awareness

The overall aim of this approved Food & Drink Careers Passport® course is to provide you with the basic knowledge of allergens through fun games, animations and interactions. Course content will introduce you to food allergies and intolerances, and demonstrate your responsibilities for protecting consumers from ingredients that might cause harm. 

By the end of this course and the assessment that follows you will: 

  • Understand the difference between food allergies and food intolerances, as well as identifying symptoms of each.
  • Be able to identify the 14 major allergens that must, by law, be labelled on all food packaging and allergen information.
  • Know the types of food products in which the 14 allergens are likely to appear.
  • Understand how to provide accurate allergy information, and why it is essential that you do so.
  • Understand the control measures that can be put in place to protect consumers from the cross-contamination of allergenic ingredients. 
  • Have the knowledge to comply with all legislation under the Food Information Regulations 2014

    There are 6 easy-to-digest modules.

    Module 1 - Food allergies and Intolerances

    • What is meant by the term ‘food allergy’
    • The 14 major food allergens and the foods in which they might be found
    • What is meant by the term ‘food intolerance’

      Module 2 - Consequences for consumers

      • The common symptoms of food allergies

      • The common symptoms of food intolerance

      • What to do if someone has an allergic reaction

      Module 3 - Personal Hygiene

      • The importance of labelling correctly

      • How to identify allergens on bulk packaging and outer case labelling

      • How to locate allergen information in the case of non-prepackaged or loose food

      • Your responsibilities for legal compliance.

      Module 4 - Control measures for allergens

      • How to control hazards relating to food allergies and intolerances

      • How to record allergen information

      Module 5 - Allergen management

      • Food allergens and HACCP

      • Personal hygiene and cross contamination

      • Handwashing

      • PPE

      • Cleaning

      Module 6 - Assessment

      • Reflect on what users have learned and test knowledge

      • Completion of evaluation test

      • A score of 75% is required to pass the test

      • Should you not pass the test, you are able to revisit the modules and retake 

      Courses covered in your passport:

      Food Safety Level 2

      Endorsed by the Food Standards Agency and BRC

      HACCP Level 2

      Endorsed by the food standards agency and BRC

      Health & Safety Level 2

      Developed by leading H&S experts in the Food & Drink sector

      Allergens awareness

      Mapped to Food Standards Agency training standards

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