Level 2

Food Safety for Manufacturing

Specifically-developed as an accepted Food & Drink Careers Passport® course, the overall aim of this programme is to provide you with basic knowledge of food safety through fun games, animations and interactions. It will ensure:

  • You know what food hygiene and safety is and why it is important
  • You know your responsibilities in food hygiene and safety
  • You know the terminology, signs and processes related to food safety
  • You can recognise and avoid food poisoning
  • You know how to prevent contamination
  • You know how to preserve and control food

There are 10 easy to digest modules.

Module 1 - Introduction to food safety

  • Understand what food hygiene is
  • Recognise why good food hygiene is important
  • Understand what legislation affects food hygiene

Module 2 - Contamination of food

  • Be able to identify physical, chemical, biological and allergenic contamination
  • Understand sources, vehicles and routes on contamination
  • Clarify high risk foods

Module 3 - Bacteria

  • Know the causes and dangers of food poisoning
  • Be able to recognise the symptoms of food poisoning
  • Be able to clarify types of bacteria
  • Know how bacteria spreads

Module 4 - Prevention and control

  • Be able to identify methods of food preservation
  • Understand how to cook and re-heat food
  • Understand shelf life and date marking

Module 5 - Hazard analysis

  • Understand first aid requirements
  • Know the hazards relating to food safety

Module 6 - Personal Hygiene

  • Recognise your requirements and responsibility in personal hygiene
  • Be able to follow the protocol for hand washing

Module 7 - Pest and waste control

  • Know the pests that can cause illnesses
  • Recognise the preventative measures
  • Understand how food processing environment should control

Module 8 - Cleaning

  • Be able to identify methods of food preservation
  • Understand how to cook and re-heat food
  • Understand shelf life and date marking

Module 9 - Premises and Equipment

  • Understand why and how premises need to be deigned in order to ensure food safety
  • Identify the key requirements for food storage and food processing equipment

Module 10 - Summary and Test

  • Reflect on what users have learned and test knowledge
  • Completion of evaluation test
  • A score of 75 % is required to pass the test
  • Should you not pass the test, you are able to revisit the modules and retake the test


British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standards provide a framework for manufacturers to assist them in the production of safe and legal products that meet their customers’ quality requirements.

The BRC Academy works with a variety of partners globally to educate and support the Food Industry worldwide. We support the work of the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink and its aims to ensure that food and drinks businesses across the UK are applying the most rigorous and up-to-date food safety practices.

Food hygiene rules require food handlers to be instructed or trained in the food hygiene matters commensurate with their work activity. The food business should determine what instruction or training is most appropriate in each case. This course is based on the National Occupational Standards for Food Safety, which uses content that is endorsed by the Food Standards Agency.

Courses covered in your passport:

Food Safety Level 2

Endorsed by the Food Standards Agency and BRC

HACCP Level 2

Endorsed by the food standards agency and BRC

Health & Safety Level 2

Developed by leading H&S experts in the Food & Drink sector

Allergens awareness

Mapped to Food Standards Agency training standards

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